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Network Servers

Server systems are not just for large business environments. Small and medium-sized enterprises can reduce costs and improve productivity by sharing resources securely. A properly configured network server, tailored to both your requirements and your budget, delivers enhanced connectivity, efficiency and security in an affordable, integrated package.

How do you know if your business could benefit from a server?
Are you and your employees able to:

  • use software to assign tasks and track project progress?
  • access co-workers’ calendars to see schedules and book appointments?
  • work from outside the office?
  • check your email, calendar or computer files remotely?
  • print to devices anywhere in your office - even from home?
  • keep business data secure (and not travelling around on laptops, mobile devices and USB sticks that can be lost or stolen)?
  • retrieve important data, including email, contacts and calendars, if your computer crashes?
  • capture all necessary business files with your current backup system?

Network Assessment, Set-up and Maintenance

Whether your company has two computers or 200, we can assess your network needs, implement cost-effective solutions, and keep your business systems running smoothly, securely and efficiently.

SITS has the expertise to:

  • provide complete networking solutions, including cabling, hardware and software, based on your business requirements.
  • implement secure wireless networking solutions.
  • perform network and Internet security audits to protect critical business information systems and data.
  • recommend and install the proper network infrastructure, firewalls and other user-access control measures.
  • ensure secure connectivity from remote locations.
  • back up critical components for no-fail connectivity.
  • provide appropriate Internet usage and network reporting services.
  • retrofit existing networks to expand capabilities, or custom-build from the ground up.

SITS specializes in providing IT solutions for small to medium businesses.
No budget is too small, no project too complex for our expertise.

Data back-up and recovery

If you are in need of immediate data recovery or rescue services, contact FITS in the Toronto/GTA area for 24/7 assistance! 647.917.6767

As s full-service data backup and recovery provider, SITS services include:

  • Physical Off-site Data Backup
  • On-line Storage and Data Backup
  • Network Data Backup
  • Backup Server Co-location
  • On-site Data Recovery and File Rescue Services in the Toronto / GTA area.

Computer data backup is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, IT considerations for any business. Protecting your data should be at the top of your company maintenance checklist. One of the most common causes of data loss is physical failure of your equipment – often without warning. With everything saved on your laptop, network drive, or computer hard disk drive, your business is at risk unless you have a backup.

Our Off-Site Data Storage solutions include automated off-site data rotation, scheduled regular testing, on-demand support and technical assistance in 90 minutes or less, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service can be provided via online data transfer as well as by regular data media pickup and delivery.

Data backup and recovery strategies require regular testing to ensure their operation. All FITS file backup solutions include assessment and testing to verify continued performance and protection.

Choose SITS for competitive prices on all your computer-related purchases.

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We are extending our Back-up and recovery services in Edmonton now.

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